• Friday Favorites

    Friday Favorites

    Sparkle Farms isn’t just about the best under dress shorts for modesty on the playground! We are also a source of inspiration and advice. Think of us as the helpful neighbor, good friend, or older sister. Someone who shares information without an ulterior motive. One way we do that is our Friday Favorites segment. Every Friday I try to post on Instagram a segment...
  • The Winter Car Emergency Kit

    The Winter Car Emergency Kit

    You're a part of the Sparkle Farms family, and we want you to stay safe when you're driving around this winter. This week's What's in Your Pouch Wednesday items won't all fit in the Sparkle Farms pouch, but I wanted to share them because it's really cold this winter, and I want everyone to be prepared!
  • Hand Washing 101

    Hand Washing 101

    Back when my daughter first started preschool, she used to get a low-grade fever nearly every other weekend. We were warned that it would take a while for children to build up their immune systems.
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