Sparkle Farms is a
San Diego-based,
family owned
fashion and apparel

Established in
2019, by mom and
former teacher
Sharry Zubrod

Sparkle Farms aims
to give girls
confidence to play
and run freely

Our Story

Born in San Diego

Established in 2009, mom and former teacher, Sharry Zubrod was determined to find comfortable girls under dress shorts when her daughter started kindergarten. After searching countless retail stores and numerous high-end boutiques, she was unable to find what she needed, which was a playful, modest addition to her daughter’s (and other young girls’) wardrobes.

stages of Sparkle Farms

Fast forward a few months later and the beginning stages of Sparkle Farms was formed. What started out as only three colors has evolved to thirteen for girls ages 3 to 12 (size depending). The playground shorts provide a fun solution for a common problem parents face. Girls who wear dresses or skirts need coverage to feel like they can be movers and shakers without worrying about accidental exposure. The vision for Sparkle Farms is to give girls confidence to run and play freely without being held back by their clothes and parents peace of mind. It’s fearless fashion at its best. When you see the three signature sparkles, you know you’ve found high-quality, modesty shorts perfect for your adventurous girl.

Sweet sentiments from our Sparkle Farms Fans

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