Sizing Girls' Under Dress Shorts
for the Comfiest Fit

Kids grow so quickly, it can be hard to keep up with their sizes from year to year. We’ve simplified the process with our easy-to-match chart for sizing girls under dress shorts. Our girls short sizes are roughly equivalent to age, but for more exact measurements, measure the hips and waist to compare. We recommend sizing up, if you’re unsure about which one to choose, to provide the comfiest fit possible.

When Fitting Modesty

Keep in mind sizes they’re meant to fit snugly, in order to be discreet under dresses, skirts, and school uniforms. Bulky or baggy simply won’t do. Additionally, the length is long enough to ensure appropriate coverage and short enough to not extend past the hem. That makes them ideal to wear to school, on the playground, or anywhere girls want to run, play, and feel adventurous.

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Sparkle Farms Apparel
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