No Leprechauns Allowed

When my daughter was in kindergarten, her teacher had fun celebrating St. Patrick's Day with the kids. They had fun projects and read stories about mischievous little elf-like creatures that liked to trick humans. Then she mentioned that they might even come visit the classroom when no one was looking. I knew that it was all in good fun. However, my daughter was terrified by the idea of these little people sneaking into our house at night. She was worried that they would come into her room, wreak havoc, and carry her away. For several nights she had trouble sleeping, waking up on the middle of the night to come to my room. I continued to explain that they were friendly. I reminded her that they had visited our house before, turning the milk green and leaving chocolates and a box of Lucky Charms. For whatever reason, that year she did not want the leprechauns visiting. Not wanting to admit that her dad and I were really the leprechauns, since I was afraid it would lead to questioning the existence of Santa, Tooth Fairy, and the magic of childhood, I was stumped. After some brainstorming, we decided to post a sign on her bedroom door. It was such a simple solution, but it worked! Our house was not bothered by leprechauns that year. The following year she was no longer scared of them, so we had to make another sign to welcome them back. Have your kids ever been scared of something? What did you do to make them feel better?

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