Earth Day 2020


Upcycle Your Old Sparkle Farms Shorts for Store Credit

Upcycle your sparkle farms playground shorts and we will donate them

Did you know that Sparkle Farms has an upcycling program for the shorts that your little girl has grown out of? Our shorts are such high quality that no one has ever worn them out. Instead, they get passed on to younger siblings or cousins. But what if there aren't any younger girls in your family? Then you can take advantage of our upcycle-for-credit program. Send us the old shorts and we will give you a $2 store credit for each pair that you send back to us. The credit will be good towards anything at You can send us up to ten pairs each year! That’s $20 towards sparkly new shorts! We will then donate the upcycled shorts to a local non-profit that will distribute them to little girls in need.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Send us your old shorts. They need to be in clean, wearable condition and NOT from an Oops Grab Bag.
  2. Include your first and last name and an email address. This is where we will email your store credit.
  3. Once again, there is a maximum of ten pairs each year for upcycling.

This is our address:

Sparkle Farms 
310 Via Vera Cruz, Suite 109
San Marcos, CA 92078

As always, feel free to send me an email if you have any questions: or you can direct message me through Instagram @theSparkleFarmsLife or Facebook @sparklefarms.

Happy Earth Day!

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