under school uniforms playgrouns shorts and camisoles at SparkleFarms.com

Worth $140, our build-you-own Back to School box is only $75 for a limited time. That’s 5 camisoles and 5 pairs of under uniform shorts in you choice of colors! You love our under dress shorts because they are made from a high-quality, soft, durable cotton blend. Did you know that are camisoles are made from the same fabric? And, they have our signature sparkles too! They were made to be tucked into a skirt or pants so that you don’t have to worry about anything peeking out when you’re little one is sitting crisscross applesauce. Usually, our camisoles are $15 each and our bike shorts are $13 each.

5 camisoles x $15 = $75

5 shorts x $13 = $65

That should be $75 + $65 = $140

But for a limited time $75 + $65 = $75

That’s like getting five pairs of our amazing active shorts for free, or almost 50% off the regular prices! Did I mention free Priority shipping through the USPS?

What are you waiting for? Shop now!




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